slow to speak, slow to type

It’s kind of crazy that I started this blog in 2014 and then laid it aside. I don’t really know how to blog, or to let people know about it. But today is a special day, and I’ve been treated pretty well.

It’s my 58th birthday. My 84 year old mom sent me $58.00. Pretty funny. I’ve gotten sweet and funny cards, gifts, and ┬áseveral octogenarians have called and sang “Happy Birthday!” to me. The whole song.

My day started with a bang, with my fabulous friend took me to breakfast, and then on a super fun bike ride. Then I went a little late to my clay class and finished a piece with great satisfaction. I’m looking forward to dinner with most of my family.

I’ve received flowers, balloons and facial gift certificates. And I have just been happy. Which is the first part of the wish– HAPPY birthday!

I’m really blessed to have a husband and children who love me and see me as valuable.

Happy Birthday to me.

When sadness hits

I’m not always sure what to do when I am sad. I guess it depends on why I’m sad. If someone dies, there is a sadness that takes time to work through. Sometimes longer than others.

When the sadness comes from conflict, and I feel that a person has believed lies or just doesn’t like my opinions, it’s awkward and hard to be around him or her.

Then I must search my own heart for wrongs I’ve committed, and do what I can to reconcile. If I can’t move forward to that point, the awkwardness remains.

I’ve been thinking about being vulnerable to others. I’m not very good at it. It’s probably pride that keeps me distant ; and I’m sure I would cry if I started talking. It wasn’t too safe emotionally to cry in my family of origin. So it’s hard.

I think God backs me into corners to teach me life lessons. This time it really hurts.

I know I’ll get better and I’ll learn to speak differently to my loved ones. I hope the words I choose are right for them and give a message of healing and hope.

I’m pretty sad today. A friend at church hugged me when she saw my sad face, and asked me to lunch tomorrow. It’s nice to be real with people at church. That’s kind of how it should be. I have another friend who prayed for me over the phone yesterday, and called later to check on me. Such compassion helps. What a blessing!
People really do need people.

Even when people don’t help, I have scripture to search and God to help me. No small things.

I hope to post another less dismal story soon; one of reconciliation.

Until then,

SO…. What Do YOU have to write about?

While we were letting the dogs do their morning “business”, I told my second born daughter how I slept poorly last night due to being so excited about starting a blog.

She looked at me sideways, wrinkled her nose, and asked, ” what do YOU have to write about?”

SO….. I told her I would write about her. That put a some fear in her pretty little 17 year old green eyes. I explained that I am the 2nd most interesting person in the world, ranking right after herself, of course. I have plenty to say. I also have another 5 amazing offspring, and a husband, who all do amazing things, and say such endearing, quotable quotes. Extended family and friends can fill in the blanks if I get desperate.

THEN there are my amazing thoughts to share with the world. Or with my 2 followers who accidentally began following and haven’t had time to unfollow.

I plan to share stuff about home, arts, crafts, and crazy thoughts that come to me at odd hours.

I’ve lived in 22 homes in my life, so I know how to purge belongings, pack up and go. We’ve moved in a pick up truck (I’m from Georgia) and a semi truck. And I’ve helped my big kids move SO many times. Like yesterday.

SO….. My best advice for moving is to pack a picnic box/basket for when you first arrive. Basic utensils, plates, cups, forks, placemats or tablecloth, macaroni and cheese, pop tarts or other silly favorite, and a basic cooking pan, big spoon. Whatever you need for the first 12 hours in your new house. (Think coffee, tea, sugar) That box/ bag/ basket goes with you.

Also, each family member should pack a suitcase as if going on a weeklong trip. That way you won’t have to open forty moving boxes to find your toothbrush or coffee maker.

If you are driving/ traveling for days across country, try packing differently, with ALL toiletries and sleep clothes for the whole family in a single bag, and one set of clothes per person per day in separate suitcases.

SO…. When you get out of the car to sleep in a hotel, you will have your “everybody’s toiletries and pajamas bag” and one other bag that has tomorrow’s clothes for all your big and little travelers.

If we hadn’t done this, we would be carrying in 8 plus suitcases, making a big mess in the hotel for the few hours we were there, and taking too long to get back on the road the next day. This is a good method of packing for cross country traveling, even if just on a vacation.

For now, we are staying put in the home we had built for us 9 years ago. That doesn’t mean we don’t rearrange furniture and people constantly. This summer, for awhile, we had all 6 “kids” living here for various reasons. Now we are down to a mere 3, plus a new granddaughter. Don’t get grandma started on that sweet little one.

I’ll be sharing thoughts about being a grandparent, about “letting myself” do more art and other astounding ideas. Right now, though, my number 6 kid needs a doctor’s appointment.

SO…. Later.

Who Am I?


I often start a conversation with that word, hoping my listeners will catch up to my brewing thoughts about the next topic on my mind. What a great way to converse! I try not to do it, but I think it happens way more often than I notice. My precious mother-in-law does the same thing. You know what they say about boys marrying their mother…….

SO…. This is my first blog post, although I thought I already did one, but I hadn’t actually confirmed my email, SO the fabulous words I penned were lost…..

SO… who am I? And why in the world am I starting a blog, when I don’t understand computers very well and really can’t type? Well, I’m female, married, a mom to 6 people, 4 of whom the government declares are adults.The youngest two are teenagers. SO….. if you follow my daughter’s blog, you will find out that I am, in her word, crazy.

SO… I don’t actually expect anyone to follow my blog, because maybe she’s right. I think it’s a combination of being mom to a half dozen “kids”, and being artsy. I majored in art quite a while ago, and during the several decades of homeschooling, not much real art was produced. My second born, when he was around nine or ten, told someone that “my mom used to be an artist.”

In the last few years I have found a renewed joy in developing my talents in playing with clay. And even more recently, I’ve increased the time spent making pottery, and see some progress. I guess I’ve gotten tired of being an intermediate pottery student, and want to put in enough time and effort to become proficient.

I’ve been thinking about how many more years I may still have on this earth, and the statistical reality is giving me a sharpened view of what I might like to do, and for what things I’d like to be remembered. SO…… Maybe I can share memories, ideas and thoughts that will inspire others and leave a record for posterity.

SO…. My name is Louise.


Hey, this is the first post I thought I lost…… SO…….

The yellow leaves contrast against the red and green surroundings, and the bracing air brings both happy and sad nostalgic feelings to my heart this time every year. There is such a strange cyclical set of memories that fills up my thoughts, conscious and not. Warm one day, chilly the next, then rainy, then sunny; the change of the season sometimes confuses me, yet excites my senses. Wardrobe choices become difficult in a season change, and bring more memories of how inadequately dressed I often was during my school years, like the time we had 17 inches of snow, and I had only a light jacket and wore no socks to school that day.

Season changes often give me pause to set new goals, perhaps a throwback to the girlhood excitement of a new school year, full of promise and new sharp pencils and fresh notebooks and clothes. New friends, new teachers, new grade in school, all with the growing up feelings added to the mix gave me nearly palpable happiness, though I rarely shared my true joy with others.

New goals these days have less to do with yellow pencils and yellow buses, than it does with spending my last decades of life with purpose. It’s important for me to show my family and friends how I care for them, and to jump back into some of the neglected “talent development” I laid aside during the intense child rearing years, which lasted quite a while, since I had six children over a fifteen year period.

I’ve also found myself telling more stories about the past, so my children will know more about where they came from. For the talent development, I’ve concentrated on my interest in making pottery, and have been allowing myself permission to spend more time pursuing this. It’s strange to me I have to word it this way, but many moms can relate to the oft guilty feelings that come with this sort of thing. All I know, is that I seem to need to make stuff out of clay. It’s just not the same as sweeping a floor, though I don’t mind doing that.

I’m also looking at food and exercise in a better way, and prioritizing time for thinking about my health. This seems to require a good deal of accountability and plans. Just letting life hit me every day is not the best way to live. So many catch phases float around. One that has been popularized lately is the concept of living intentionally. The idea brings to mind, order and purpose, an air of thoughtfulness. This is a very helpful thing when my general mindset shows a distaste for calendars and clocks. So, I will be purposeful. Intentional. Make goals. Pray. Be intentional. Do good. Be grateful to others and to God, who made me, and does have a purpose for me to fulfill.